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Mind and Body Mantra

By Robin Bennett
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On April 13, 2022

- A Mantra - 

Mind and Body in the Same Place at the Same Time

When you find yourself tripping over random objects and bumping into the furniture, it’s time to bring your mind and body back together. Rushing ahead mentally, or being stuck in thoughts of the past can lead to minor accidents and more serious calamities. The body is a wonderful teacher of presence. Try this: Stop. Stand still and repeat the mantra above. Say it aloud at least three times to reunite your mind and body. This simple practice can work wonders.

-- from my upcoming book

“A Green Witch’s Pocket Book of Wisdom: Big Little Life Tips ”



Hello Friends!


With so many things calling for our attention these days, it’s no wonder we feel a sense of disconnection. We hear and see, on a daily basis, the atrocities committed with seemingly no way to actively engage in solutions. When we stress ourselves out by fearing we are not engaged enough, not being or doing enough, it is so easy to become overwhelmed and exhausted, making it impossible to find what is ours to do. Finding and nourishing a place of peace inside yourself is always worthwhile. Peace within leads to peace in the world, and so I invite you to stop for a moment to tune into your body in the present moment.

I am offering the mantra from my upcoming book to help you find your center in these unprecedented times:

Mind and Body in the Same Place at the Same Time 


As we come out of our nests and begin venturing outside our “pods” I invite you to join in community with me and our neighbors, in a safe and respectful way. I am looking forward to teaching in-person classes again! Here are a few of the many upcoming opportunities to engage and be fully present in an ever-virtual world, body and mind in communion with Mama Earth and our human and non-human kin. Keep reading for my upcoming classes, rituals, and walks!

 I am thrilled to be teaching a hybrid class on May 1st at Closer to the Heart in Oakland, NJ, and for those who live far away, it will be accessible Live on Zoom!

My (and New Jersey’s) beloved yoga teacher Kelly Solloway opened a new yoga studio in Oakland, and in ecstatic celebration and abundant support, I am offering a class through her new venture: “Accessible Herbal Medicine the Wisewoman Way”, all about common kitchen herbal medicine, where we’ll learn the abundance of health our kitchen cupboards store for us! Whether you are a beginner or long-term herbalist, there will be something new for you. At the very least, come share your wisdoms and findings, and grow the knowledge pool! 

This class is, as I mentioned, both in-person (space is very limited) and online (where there is unlimited space) - please reach out with any issues you may encounter while trying to sign up! 

There is medicine all around us. Our kitchens, including our spice racks, can be an abundant source of effective medicine for us, and safer than what we find in the pharmacy. Open your mind and your senses to the broader possibilities for creating healing feasts in your own kitchen. We’ll talk about common herbs, foods, and condiments and their uses with everyday ailments. 

Sunday, May 1, 2022, from 2-4pm EST 

In-person in Oakland, NJ, and LIVE on Zoom.

Accessible Herbal Medicine the Wisewoman Way 

($45 / Closer to the Heart Yoga)


Even though the following events are outside and in-person, they are limited in capacity. If there are too many sign-ups for the Wawayanda State Park weed walk, a second (or third) date will also be announced. 


May 2: Beltane in Piermont, NY // 6-8pm // $40

Herbal Aphrodisiacs for Goddesses and Gods and a Beltane Ritual

with Flower Power in Piermont, NY



Let’s celebrate ourselves this Beltane!

The Star Goddess says:

“Let all acts of love and pleasure be my rituals”.

Whether you are flying solo, partnered, and/or whomever your preferences are; come enjoy a fun and spicy exploration of herbal recipes and tastings for enhancing sensual bliss and opening your heart to love.

We will explore herbs such as roses, orange blossoms, damiana, and of course, chocolate! Sexy meals, scintillating scents, sensual wines and seductive smokes; all based on a strong foundation of self-respect,

will be included in our explorations.

Together we will craft a fabulous passion honey!


Sunday, May 22, 2022, from 2-4pm


Weed Walk with Robin Rose Bennett

Come delight in the discovery that wild food and herbal medicine is all around us wherever we live. Enjoy an uplifting and sensory educational experience identifying, sniffing, and tasting the wild local plants that are often dismissed as mere weeds and learning about majestic trees like white pine. The plants you likely spend hours pulling out of your garden may become your new best friends when you discover that plantain stops the itch of a mosquito bite, dandelion leaves strengthen kidneys and ease blood pressure, and violets are rich in salicylic acid and can reduce headache pain! Nature is a marvelous teacher and ally and Robin Rose has been leading people on “weed walks” for 30 years. This will be a relaxing stroll and fun for all ages.

As it’s early in the season, there is no entry fee for the park. The Weed Walk itself is $35 for adults, $17 for humans 12-18 or students, and children under 12 are free!

Please understand that for the safety of everyone, attendance caps at ~12! If more than that sign up, an additional date will be announced. Please reach out with any questions or concerns. 


These are a few other events I will be either attending or speaking at in the coming months. I encourage you to show up with me!

VIRTUAL EVENT: April 21-24


- this lineup is incredible! -

Many of my favorite authors, speakers, teachers, and healers will be sharing their immense gifts at this FREE* online event. I say “free” because there are two types of tickets to the event, one is completely free and you can attend any speaker’s live event that you wish (as at a normal, in-person conference), or a $67-all-access LIFETIME pass, where you can watch any and all the recorded speakers, with no expiration date! Hope to see you there :)



August 12-14:

Black Walnut Botanical Conference

Innabah, in the beautiful Philadelphia countryside of Chester County, PA. 

I am thrilled to be a Keynote Speaker at this conference, and to be sharing my love and knowledge of the mighty plantain! The center of focus for the Black Walnut Botanical Conference is on the plants and herbal education, but there will be so much more. A variety of classes, wild weed walks and activities will take place throughout the weekend. You are invited to participate in as many as you wish, or to use this time and space as your personal retreat. There are camping options and cabin rentals, and food passes as well. 


September 9th-11th:

Red Earth: The Mountain West Women’s Herbal Gathering (6th Annual Event)

Parrish Ranch in Berthoud, CO

Red Earth is a sacred ceremonial container created by and for women to honor and activate our inherent life-nurturing power. We gather together to learn from and inspire each other through ceremony, workshops, deep healing and community building. By recognizing the beauty and power of what it is to be women doing our sacred work, our life’s calling, we step into our collective potential to support the great turning of our planet at this time.



As an offering from me to you, a nourishing oil

for topical or internal healing:


(Having trouble viewing the image above? Text is below!)

Rosemary Oil

Fresh rosemary leaves and stalks (flowers optional)

Olive oil (first cold-pressing)

Pint jar

Chop the rosemary finely, and fill the pint jar to about a half-inch below the rim. Next, slowly fill the jar with the olive oil, poking down into and around the herbs to insure that the oil gets thoroughly distributed and saturates all of the plant material. Fill the jar to the very top with the oil, continuing to poke with the chopstick to allow any air bubbles to rise to the top. When you’ve removed most of them, let the contents settle for a couple of minutes, then cap your jar and label it. Set it on a plate or saucer, because it will often ooze out as gas continues to be released from the infusing herbs. After six weeks, pour off the oil into a clean, dry jar, squeeze out the rosemary leaves in your hands or in cheesecloth, and enjoy it!

Fresh rosemary infused oil comes out very yummy, and can be added to pasta or cheese dishes, salads, and more. It also helps hair health and growth, and is reputed to be especially beneficial for dark hair. The oil is massaged into the scalp and, ideally, left on overnight about once a week as a tonic. Apply it after a nettle rinse for optimum results. As often happens to me, the first time I was making rosemary oil for my hair, I ended up tasting it and found it so delicious that I left it in the pantry and had to make another bottle for my hair.

Famous as Shakespeare’s herb “for remembrance,” it’s true that rosemary helps increase memory and improve concentration. This common culinary spice is a vascular stimulant, and rich in antioxidants that strengthen the brain and liver. Rosemary will help with depression related to poor digestion. This is more common than is generally realized, but is prevalent now because of poor diets and ongoing stress, which impairs digestion as well as contributing to illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).



Help Ukrainian Refugees

If you've been looking for legit ways to support the people of Ukraine, you can now join other herbalists in the effort. The American Herbal Pharmacopeia (AHP) recently announced that it is contributing to the Society of Medicinal Plant Research to enable its support of Ukrainian refugees. As so eloquently stated in a letter from AHP President, Roy Upton, "A love and respect for the role medicinal plants play in human health unites us all." Join Roy and AHP by supporting herbalists there who are providing free medical aid to the Ukrainian refugees who have arrived in droves.


Green Blessings,

Robin Rose ~*~


Robin Bennett

Robin Bennett

Robin Rose Bennett is a writer, teacher, green witch, herbalist, and a wisewoman… one who loves the earth and gives voice to the healing wild food and medicine plants which surround us. She has been a practicing herbalism for over 30 years, based in New Jersey & NYC. Robin focuses on the spiritual and ecological lessons of plants and treatment of illness.