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Magical Micro-dosing

By Robin Bennett
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On August 03, 2021

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MAGICAL MICRO-DOSING & Calling on the Elements to Bless an Herbal Medicine Blend

Hello Friends!

I was making a magical micro-dose herbal blend for someone I care about who is working hard to shift off of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications that she has depended on for many years.

She is both determined to do it, and frightened of the intensity of her own feelings.

The anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds don’t help uplift her, even though different varieties of pharmaceutical cocktails have been tried. It’s more like they flat-line her. And she has come to realize she’s been giving away too much of herself, walking through her days in a kind of low-grade misery, sunk lower some days than others, exacerbated by physical challenges to her cardio-vascular, neurological and musculo-skeletal systems post-Lyme’s and other tick-borne co-infections. 

She has agreed to regularly drink nourishing herbal infusions and has found that she loves them, making them with herbs such as: hawthorn berries and flowers, pine needles, ginkgo biloba leaves, sassafras leaves, lemon balm and stinging nettles.

She is also currently taking a tincture blend I made for her that contains sweet blue violet leaves and blossoms, St J’s flowering tops and milky Oat tops, along with a few drops each of Lily of the valley tincture and wild carrot flower essence, and a healthy dollop of love, prayer and the magic that comes from Earth connection.

I support her in remembering that as she learns to make friends with who she really is,  something she was not encouraged to do growing up, and finds herself still entangled in those old, worn-out messages, she can learn to ride the emotional waves without constantly fearing that she will drown in them. 

I am watching as she learns to support herself and honor her ways of responding to the world; to people, plants, and animals, and she is reclaiming her ability to feel deeply as one of her greatest  gifts! 

I decided to make her a unique magical blend for micro-dosing. It is specific to her, so I will not recount the herbs that are in it. The point is that in this experiment, I’m taking a page from the current growth of the practice of micro-dosing with mushrooms and other entheogens and have personalized it into her magical, herbal micro-brew. 


I stayed in intuitive communication with her while choosing her herbs and asked her questions as I went along and the most important one was this: Do you consent to your own healing? 

Please don’t assume everyone will say yes to this question, because they won’t. And that is their right. I do my best to trust peoples’ timing, though I admit, it’s not always easy.

However, in this instance, she did consent, and so I made her micro-dose brew, took her medicine bottle, and planted it with a guardian oak tree, a potent stone, and next to a statue of the goddess, during a huge rain storm, because that is her favorite weather! Give this woman a powerful thunderstorm with teeming rain, and her joy emerges, and so will she… often running outside to dance! I didn’t think there could possibly be a better way to infuse her medicine with that which connects her to Joy, to Spirit.

I invite you to think of creative, magical ways to infuse your physical medicine with Spirit, whether you are preparing it for yourself or another.

And I will be grateful if you will take a moment after reading this to send this woman you don’t know three deep breaths from your own heart and mind, imagining her having regained her innate inner Freedom and Joy in living. Thank you.

And perhaps you already know that whatever you send out returns to you over and over again! What we do for another, we do for ourselves. May reciprocal blessings abound!    

My first spiritual teacher used to say: Whatever you send out, you only send a carbon copy, you keep the original. That is a profound teaching. I suggest you think on this the next time you find yourself irate and complaining, however deservedly, about someone who is pissing you off!

Finally, the deepest truth is there is no one out there but you anyway.

We are One, in an infinite variety of forms.

Love and Green blessings,
Robin Rose

PS She has already reported some breakthroughs!

Robin Bennett

Robin Bennett

Robin Rose Bennett is a writer, teacher, green witch, herbalist, and a wisewoman… one who loves the earth and gives voice to the healing wild food and medicine plants which surround us. She has been a practicing herbalism for over 30 years, based in New Jersey & NYC. Robin focuses on the spiritual and ecological lessons of plants and treatment of illness.