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Join us in the Native and Wild Green Medicine Garden!

By Robin Bennett
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On July 16, 2014

Another report on our Native and Wild Green Medicine Garden:

You're invited! Come to our next gardening day and get your hands in the earth, enjoy great company, and learn how to harvest and use commonly available, effective herbal medicine!

We had an enthusiastic crew show up to the garden for our June date. One of the most fun aspects of the day was that great kids were there with their parents! Kids make any gardening day even more sunny! We continued to clear and clean out the beds to show off our medicinal plants. I did some teaching about red clover and about St John's wort, neither of which is a native plant, but which are abundant analogs (alternatives) to the endangered plants being grown in the garden. We drank apple mint iced tea and shared snacks. We did some transplanting and enjoyed watching our new plants coming up. Our butterfly plants are gorgeous this year. The orange and yellow ones in the pictures are called pleurisy root and you can guess what it has been used for (pleurisy). We have local wild plants such as mullein that can be used similarly to this endangered native that we are providing habitat for. Here's some other pics to enjoy, too, including black cohosh, wild carrot, flowering lovage, jerusalem artichokes and more.. The flowers in the basket show you how I dry red clover blossoms at home.

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Robin Bennett

Robin Bennett

Robin Rose Bennett is a writer, teacher, green witch, herbalist, and a wisewoman… one who loves the earth and gives voice to the healing wild food and medicine plants which surround us. She has been a practicing herbalism for over 30 years, based in New Jersey & NYC. Robin focuses on the spiritual and ecological lessons of plants and treatment of illness.