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Herbs and Plants Are Magical

By Robin Bennett
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On December 07, 2020

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And can awaken us to the magic available in every moment!

Hello Friends!

Do you feel as tapped into your inner guidance as you'd like to be? If you could use more of that, this course is designed for you! Following your intuitive wisdom brings more magic and synchronicity into your day-to-day life. Intuition can also be a vital asset for your physical health and safety, and perhaps most importantly, plants invite you into deeper connection to the earth as they help you listen within to discern Truth for yourself.

Here's an story from my book, Healing Magic,
that illustrates how important intuition can be:

"In the days before even telegrams or telephones were common, female intuition was more trusted. It was a valued source of information, particularly for mothers. Among other things, this was one way a mother could keep an eye (psychically) on her loved ones, especially when they were far away. A favorite story in my family tells how my Great-Grandmother Esther saved my Great-Uncle Mac's life during World War II. He was in a foxhole with his buddies, and tried to light his cigarette. Though he kept trying, he couldn't get the match to light. Then he became keenly aware of a sense of his mother's presence with him. He told his buddies not to smoke just then either. The men in the next trench were shot right after that, when they betrayed their position by holding matches to their cigarettes.

Though not always so dramatically, doesn't it often seem that inexplicable forces are at work in our lives? Mother love is certainly a potent natural force in our universe. We need to remember and trust that we are intrinsically part of this larger universe of mysterious, guiding energies."

I hope you will join me!

This series is ONLINE and available through the New York Open
Center by recording afterward if you can't attend in real time.

Tuesday, December 8 @ 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM EST
Tuesday, December 15 @ 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM EST
Saturday, December 19 @ 7-9 PM EST

Get your tickets HERE!

*Note: Winter Solstice Ritual Celebration on Saturday, December 19th
can also be taken as a separate single evening event.
Register HERE for this single event. 

Love and Green Blessings,
Robin Rose

Robin Bennett

Robin Bennett

Robin Rose Bennett is a writer, teacher, green witch, herbalist, and a wisewoman… one who loves the earth and gives voice to the healing wild food and medicine plants which surround us. She has been a practicing herbalism for over 30 years, based in New Jersey & NYC. Robin focuses on the spiritual and ecological lessons of plants and treatment of illness.