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Healing Magic Rituals for America

By Robin Bennett
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On November 03, 2020

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Magic for America

Two Healing Magic Rituals for America

When our hearts ache and feel like they're breaking, most of us try to keep that from happening. We hold on tightly, trying to keep them intact, rather than letting go into pain. Yet, the truth is that grief expressed is a sacrament, and an alchemical force. When we allow ourselves to feel our grief, our hearts can break wide open. Grace and compassion are born, and thus we learn to fall in love with ourselves and one another. Everything else follows: justice, compassion, generosity, authenticity, inner freedom, and sanity!!!
All that is more than human (the animals, plants, water, et al.) is standing ready to help us wake up. The Evolutionary Chaos of Now is urging us to discover the love that we truly are, each unique, each part of Oneness.

Metaphors Incarnate when we invoke them creatively
and physically enact them.
Do this simple magical ritual alone or with others. It might even be fun:

Imagine pulling the plug on: duplicity and deception, separation and selfishness, the delusions that foster greed and lead to devastation and inhumanity.

Imagine plugging yourself into: honesty, the field of awakening consciousness, of people reawakening to our connectedness to Nature, to respect for one another and all beings, and for the plants, the water, and all that sustains us.

Then choose a physical power cord to represent these. Literally do it.

Pull out the plug and disconnect: tyranny, cruelty, exclusivity, divisiveness, injustice, insane policies that destroy lives (there are so many!) Generalize or name it each time you pull the plug. Make this your own.
Plug into and give power to: inner and outer freedom, kindness, inclusivity, justice, sane policies that foster the health of the web of life!

Repeat frequently!
Pull out the plug for each thing you want to drain of its energy.
Plug it in for each thing you are connecting and adding your energy to.
I strongly suggest you do this for qualities rather than individuals.
Disempowering an individual doesn't get to the
deeper root of the problem, and has a tendency to backfire.


I asked Spirit for further Guidance on how we can help. Here is what I received:

Imagine: A Yin/Yang Symbol ... well-known for depicting the polarities that
contain the "other" inside themselves. Separate, divided, and yet united by
the circle that connects them.
So, I thought, 'ok, focus on the circle uniting them'.
But that was not how the vision unfolded ...

The Yin/Yang symbol separated and fell apart. The black half/yin and the white half/yang fell to the ground, like segments of an orange falling open, returning back to the Earth.


Many have worked on how to bring opposing forces together,
On how to reconcile the divisiveness in our world to bring about unity. But the two halves had fallen apart in front of my eyes. And I understood the message: We need to let the old systems fall apart and return to the Earth for rebirth.
I wondered, "but then what?"

As I watched, a vibrant tree grew up out of the Center where the two halves had separated, roots deep in the Earth, strong trunk rising, branches reaching to the sky. The branches of this new Tree of Life spread wide and sprouted leaves, flowers, fruits and nuts of every earthly variety; apples, pecans, guavas, walnuts, peaches, cashews, and more. All the exquisite diversity of Earth was held in unity by the Tree of Life.

I ask you to join me in this visualization, or craft it in some way, as a drawing, felting, jewelry, sculpture, a poem or song, whatever you are drawn to do! This is a magical spell to invoke a vision, it doesn't have to be gallery quality.

As we allow the old forms that have rotted to fall apart, they become fertile compost for new growth. As plants die they release their seeds for rebirth in our gardens and wild fields. Trust the cycles of life. Return to connection with the Earth. The world we know is possible will grow out of the energy that comes from releasing the old, and we can help midwife her rebirth.

We need all the magic we can muster right now! And we need to call it forth in an ongoing way. Evolution takes time and dedication.


Love and Green Blessings,
Robin Rose

Robin Bennett

Robin Bennett

Robin Rose Bennett is a writer, teacher, green witch, herbalist, and a wisewoman… one who loves the earth and gives voice to the healing wild food and medicine plants which surround us. She has been a practicing herbalism for over 30 years, based in New Jersey & NYC. Robin focuses on the spiritual and ecological lessons of plants and treatment of illness.