Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett


Healing Magic : A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living – 10th Anniversary Edition

Price: $19.95

Learn how to reconnect with the Earth, engage mystery, rebirth moon magic and women’s wisdom, prepare herbal infusions and baths, work with the Medicine Wheel of Magic, cast spells for love, wealth, and justice, and create community rituals. Healing Magic will guide you to cultivate your own spiritual awakening, open up to joy, and tap into the magic that is all around you

The Gift of Healing Herbs: Plant Medicines and Home Remedies for a Vibrantly Healthy Life

Price: $24.95

Nominated as a Herbal Book of the Year by the International Herb Association, The Gift of Healing Herbs offers readers who want to take charge of their health an immersion into a myriad ways to use plant-based remedies to care for themselves and others on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Moon Meditation (AUDIO)

Price: $10.00

This audio meditation is designed to help women and men re-connect with the cycles of the moon. Each meditation is 30 minutes and begins with an invocation to the seven directions to create a sacred circle and ends with opening and giving thanks for the circle. Working with the cycles of the moon helps shift your experience of time from linear to cyclical and evokes female energy (and healthy females!)

Digital download: $8 - CD: $10 

Ocean Meditation (AUDIO)

Price: $10.00

This ocean meditation is perfect for anyone who loves the water and finds it a deep source of stress relief and regeneration. 

Digital download: $8 - CD: $10

Herbal Alternatives to Antibiotics (CD)

Price: $9.99

The overuse of antibiotics in medicine and agriculture has led to a crisis of antibiotic-resistant infectious diseases. Antibiotics are also radical remedies with side effects. Fortunately, there are a variety of teas, tinctures, topical salves, foods and herbs that can be used to prevent illness by strengthening our immune systems or safely help us heal when illness is present. Learn how our herbal allies can help us regain and maintain our health.

The Herbal Medicine of Trees (CD)

Price: $9.99

Trees, the elders of the plant world, give us breath and beauty, and their leaves, barks, flowers, fruits and seeds offer us physical and spiritual medicines. Learn hands-on tree identification skills and explore many of the healing properties of the trees that surround us.