Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett

Wise Wild Woman Weekend in Toronto

Visionary Earth-based Magic and Medicine

Friday night: May 26th

New Moon Circle Ritual : Held at the bluffs pictured below. 

We will journey in meditation to the sacred cave within and meet with our wise woman to craft an intention to practice in the coming month. This ritual and practice lead to an expanded experience of how the currents of time flow. It truly changes your life!

Saturday: May 27th (11-5pm) 

We'll go weed walking and observe, touch, smell and taste the plants.  We'll make a gorgeous wild salad from local plants to add to our picnic lunch and your taste buds will thank you! So will your immune, digestive and nervous systems, not to mention your hair and skin!).

We'll explore a variety of delicious herbal preparations we can easily make to use as everyday medicine in our kitchens. This increases our health, deepens our earth connection, and that sets the stage and readies us to dive into our spiritual work.

Sunday: May 28th 11-4pm

We'll focus on continuing to awaken our ability to access our inner guidance so as to walk our paths with integrity and delight. We'll begin with a plant spirit journey, writing and drawing our insights and questions and then make medicinal preparations together. We'll explore common plants that help us to deepen our intuitive awareness and access our own spiritual wisdom. We'll use all our senses, both outer and inner as we explore the gifts of roses, lavender, Grandmother cedar and many more. 

Cost for the full weekend $150 including all materials & lunch on Saturday
Location East end of Toronto (close to TTC) 

Email Lynne at yorkshire.rose@sympatico.ca to register or for more details