Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett

with Robin Rose Bennett and special guests
Tuesday, December 21st - 6:30-8pm ET
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At Winter Solstice, the sun is closest to the earth and at its lowest point in the sky, underneath the earth at noon. This is the shortest day and longest night of the year. ​Winter Solstice is the peak of the power of darkness - an opportunity for resting, dreaming, and conceiving new life. It is also the celebration of the returning light, for now the days grow longer, a little bit more each day.

Join me in a virtual community gathering to celebrate the Solstice and the winter season in the northern hemisphere. We will invoke sacred space and turn the Wheel of the Year with movement, story, song, and candle-lighting. We'll take a meditative journey within. Rest and dream in the safety of deep darkness as you conceive the authentic spark of your own unique light and life and call forth the inner gifts you wish to rebirth in the spring. And together, we'll shine a light on justice and peace.

Members $35 / Non-Members $40