Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett

EarthSpirit New Moon Ritual

Fri, March 12, 2021, 6-7:30pm EST
Online Learning through Forever Wild Catskills
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Robin Rose has been setting an intention to follow during each moon cycle for over 30 years now!

This spiritual practice is as life-enhancing as herbal medicine; following the cycles of the moon is an essential part of reclaiming our lives. In our solar-oriented, hierarchical culture (day vs night, white vs black, male vs female), we are missing the guiding feminine wisdom of the moon; she moves the tides in the oceans, in our wombs, and in our psyches. Deepening your relationship with the moon transforms how you view time and how you live your life.

Robin Rose will share moon wisdom teachings, herbs for intuitive wisdom, and a meditative new moon journey. All are welcome.