Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett

HEALING SPICES FOR MEDICINE AND MAGIC - Friday, December 13th - 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Country Flow Yoga - 355 Warwick Turnpike, Hewitt, NJ  07421


Juniper berries can add flavor to your sauerkraut (or gin), strengthen your kidneys, and/or be dried and put into a magic bag to attract a new lover!

Cinnamon can not only be used in your hot chocolate, it can be drunk as a tea to dispel nausea, taken as a tincture to balance blood sugar, or the powdered bark can be sprinkled onto charcoal and lit...the smoke induces ecstasy!

Come dive into magic and medicine of everyday herbs and spices and see the "same old herbs" in your spice rack through new eyes!

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