Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett

Week Walk in Central Park 

May 10, 2017 4-6 p.m. 

Meeting upper east side, Central Park, exact location upon registration
$25, kids 12 and under Free

Plants are generous healers and many important medicinal plants live where the most people are, so NYC is rich in a diversity of wild, nourishing medicines. We are likely to see and discuss healing plants such as plantain, dandelion, violet, goldenrod, yellow dock, and red raspberry, along with medicinal trees such as white pine, linden and hawthorn, and there are always surprises to delight us when we go out “weed walking”.

Robin Rose will share the physical and spiritual gifts of the plants, identification tips, best times for harvesting, and suggestions on whether to use specific plants as tinctures, oils, infusions, and/or food.

This walk will focus on how to approach these green healers with respect, gratitude, and an open heart as you invite the plants to share their teachings with you. The abundance of nature’s medicines in the heart of NYC will open your eyes and deepen and change your experience of living in the city.

This class is held rain or shine, so come prepared to enjoy the elements!