Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett

Beltane Ritual Celebration for Pleasure, Justice and Joy

Friday, April 30, 2021, 6:30 - 8pm EDT

Beltane is the holiday when we celebrate the Earth’s sexy, generative fertility, and our own!

Do we dare to revel in the pleasure of life when there is so much pain and injustice rampant in our beloved world?

Yes! Ours is a world of duality. Nothing is this or that. Everything, including each human being, is this and that. Let’s tip the scales toward  pleasure, justice and joy in our world!

Come join me as I share one of my favorite meditations with you and we invoke the juicy, sensual life force that invites us to open and blossom along with our favorite flowers. We’ll conclude with a simple ritual to continue the spiritual activism a group of us have been doing centered on reuniting separated families.

Joy and pleasure are medicine. They generate healing energy and can give us the juice we need to sustain our commitment to justice, our devotion to respect and equality for all people and all beings.

A recording will be available after the class.