Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett

Accessible Herbal Medicine

Tuesday, March 9th 6 – 8 pm EST
Online Learning through Transcending Roots Herbal Apothecary
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Does herbal medicine conjure up ideas of arcane lore and smelly potions? Or, perhaps images of rows of commercially prepared bottles of supplements and herbs with long names and high price tags?

Herbal medicine doesn’t have to be that way. 

It is the people’s medicine and is as close to you as the onion in your pantry that can relieve ear pain, or pull out an infected splinter! Or the home-made tincture or salve available at your local apothecary! Or the wild dandelion leaf in your lawn that can help keep your blood pressure in healthy bounds by strengthening your kidneys! Come hear stories of real healing with common plants, trees and wildflowers. 

A cup of tea, a foot or body bath, herbal vinegars… we’ll explore accessible herbal medicine for everyday concerns.

Registration is sliding scale. $25-$40