Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett

New Moon Herbal Wisdom Circle

Thursday July 04, 2013 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM | Price: FREE

moonNew Moon Herbal Wisdom Circle

7-9 PM, $20

     The New Moon is the perfect time to form an intention in meditation and commit to it in the fertile field of your imagination. Working magically and meditatively with common herbs and the cycles of the moon brings about a reconnection with the divine feminine (and if you are a woman, with your female body). Marking the new and full moons offers a profound, transformative spiritual practice that alters how you perceive and actually experience the unfolding of time. This circle will help you guide your own spiritual path and clarify your intentions so you can “womanifest” (or manifest) your dreams.


Dates: Thursday March 31st

Thursday, June 2nd

Please register by calling (973) 283-9444