Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett

Herbs for the Nervous System

Thursday July 04, 2013 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM | Price: FREE

Herbs for the Nervous System


The nervous system is an amazing network of nerve cells and fibers that coordinates the relationships among all our body’s systems. Its good functioning is therefore critical to our overall health. In this three-evening series we will explore how to use herbs to support our nervous system and address imbalances when they occur.

Building and Supporting a Healthy Nervous System with Herbs and Foods

Thursday, March 8, 8–10pm, $30

We’ll learn about adaptogens such as holy basil, alteratives such as red clover and nourishing tonics such as oat straw; and learn how to choose between using herbs as tinctures or teas, infusions, syrups, baths, and/or capsules.


Calmatives and Tonics for the Nervous SystemLinden-Blossom

Thursday, March 15, 8–10pm, $30

Tonight we look at specific internal and external applications of: nourishing and tonic herbs; stimulating and sedating herbs (e.g. linden, motherwort, chamomile, roses, skullcap, etc.); and how to use herbs to help address stress, anxiety, panic, depression, shock, and grief.

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Pain Alleviation with Herbs

Thursday, March 22, 8–10pm, $30

In our final evening we cover how to help ourselves and others with acute or chronic pain (from headaches, arthritis, injuries, etc.) using (internally and/or topically) such herbs as St. Johnswort, ginger, sweet blue violet, wintergreen, black birch, lavender, yarrow,

and comfrey.



This class is part of a series of 3 classes that can be taken individually or as a whole.

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  (3 sessions) Thursdays, March 8–22, 8–10pm 

NYOC Members: $75 / Nonmembers: $80 /

Individual Sessions: $30