Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett

Central Park Weed Walk

Sunday November 15, 2015 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM | Price: $30.00

Plants are generous healers and many important medicinal plants live where the most people are, so NYC is rich in a diversity of wild, nourishing medicines.  The best way to learn about herbs is outside in nature.


Robin Rose has been plant walking in Central Park for nearly 30 years. This walk will focus on how to approach these green healers with respect, gratitude, and an open heart as you invite the plants to share their teachings with you. Learn to identify local medicinal plants and trees and discover wise ways to use them. The abundance of nature’s medicines in the heart of NYC will open your eyes and deepen and change your experience of living in the city.


Sunday November 15th


$30; kids under 12 free

To register, email robin@robinrosebennett.com

This class will meet in Central Park, Manhattan. Exact meeting place given at registration.