Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett

Apprentice Circle Greenwood (Men’s) Thursday Program


If you are called to Herbal Medicine and EarthSpirit teachings and would like to inquire about this circle,
Please email me at robin@robinrosebennett.com

I look forward to hearing from you and invite you to tell me a little bit about yourself and your interest in this program.




"The herbal teaching Robin offers is hands on and in depth. She encouraged me to take the time to be with the plants individually; showing me how to begin understanding them intimately. Through careful observation their patterns, preferences, and peculiarities, I developed a deep affinity for our green allies. Her methodical approach to medicine making taught me how to live with awareness and in gratitude for the plants."  

Colin W.


"I experienced Robin's men circle as a design that creates space for a small, intimate group of male seekers who are wishing to redefine or elaborate on their role as healers in this modern world. The discussions are sparked with intrigue, science, and soothing, quiet ritual. From the frequent weed walks in the pleasant neighborhood trails, Robin's encouraging case histories, and the support of like-minded brethren, there is more to gain than simply knowledge."

Alex A.


Your foundation is rich. Robin Rose is a good lecturer who receives her students with a warm welcome and full of energy. Thank you for all, until we meet again."

Pius O.

"Working with Robin and my fellow Green Men was an extraordinary experience. The Apprenticeship program taught me so much about herbalism and working with plants, whether it was for healing or spiritual guidance. Robin is a wonderful and wise teacher who made learning incredibly easy and fun!"

Mark F.

"The Greenwood Men's Circle experience was nothing short of life changing for me. I learned to truly connect with the plants as lifelong allies for healing. I learned personal ritual and group council as powerful tools for transformation. Robin's knowledge, compassion and humor completely expanded my worldview to understand the interconnectedness of all things, and what it means to feel at home in the world. I am forever grateful for this experience that taught me a deep, true and joyous way of being!"

Paul P.

"Those circles kept me honest. I developed so much confidence in what I understood and wanted to understand about plant life; especially plants as medicine. Your teachings are so accessible; you have an astounding way of maintaining the sanctity of the craft while also rooting the work in reality. I was able to celebrate my masculinity in a new way. I felt respected, seen and acknowledged. As a man I now feel as though I have a position and that position is important and has value. I am so grateful for everything you have given me and also that you trusted me enough to work with me financially and I never once felt shame for voicing my needs, which has never been easy for me."

Michael M.

Payment Information

Full payment is due whether or not you complete the year, as this is a limited enrollment opportunity. Please do not send a deposit for the 2019 apprenticeship without speaking with Robin Rose first.

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